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ארכיון לחודש October, 2008

Oct 25 2008

Gourmet Yarn Shop Weekly Update

מאת נושאים כללי

Hi Everyone !‎‎

Here is a weekly update on what’s going on in our shop  -‎‎

No, this newsletter is not only about yarns and prices. It’s also about things that go on in the shop. Some of you come in every few weeks, and some come in every day (for the fallen stitches, or for the daily smile, or you just can’t knit fast enough! – all are legitimate). The daily visitors hear all my happenings on-line, all the rest can tune in here for updates.‎‎

I just have to begin with “show and tell”.‎‎

I’m always complaining to our knitters that we always go through the process of helping to choose the pattern and yarns, (which is not always that simple), we help pick up the fallen stitches, (some as low as the Grand Canyon),  all the new abbreviations and tips, the physiological backing, “just a bit more, don’t give up now” , and we’re there, escorting till the end, well almost till the end.‎‎

Then you come in for a new project and I say “where is the _________? I wanted to see it finished.‎‎

Oh, I gave it to so and so,  they say, and they just loved it. It came out so beautiful you would not believe the compliments I got. Everyone at work wants one too.‎

I always feel like a pregnant woman, going through the whole ordeal, and doesn’t get to see the baby! I don’t want to take it home – (I have enough work on my hands!)‎ – but can I just see it ????? I was part of it too, you know !!!‎!‎

So whenever a great project comes along and I do see it “born” I try to take a picture (with the parents consent of course!)  For those that I didn’t see, at least show us a picture, so that we can show off!‎‎

Here are a few of the wonderful “babies” that have come in, and we are oh so proud!‎‎




We are still signing up for the “One Skein Wonders” class. It will be held every other Wednesday, 19:30- 21:00, starting in two weeks. We will have 8 meetings, and a new technique will be taught every class.  The textbook we will be working from has come in, and the list will be closing shortly.‎‎

We also have two more seats for the “Beginners Tunisian Crochet Class” taught by Sharon, which will also be held every other Wednesday at 19:30-21:00. This class will meet 6 times, and the basics of using the Afghan hook will be taught, including many different stitches and ideas for finished projects.‎‎

For all our new friends that haven’t been in the shop, we have free Gourmet Yarn Shop membership cards. Your card will be stamped once for every 100 shekel purchase of regular priced yarn. Collect 10 stamps and receive a FREE 100 shekel purchase at the shop. Check your wallet for last years’ cards, we are still accepting them.‎‎

Happy knitting,‎‎


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